MPDisplay Poem: Family

Help the bad with the good and those in need

 Of attention

To  not stray so far they can’t find  their way

Patience and tolerance for differences is key

 In trying times

The strength of one, may be tested though all

And the weakness of one, might be strengthened

 For the good of all

The times are always changing and nothing ever 

 Stays the same for long 

Still, when you get down to the heart of the matter

 The best of families always make a difference

Mama always kept our family close 

 For the good of all 

Once when our mom was asked by another  

Which  Of her siblings of nine, did she love the best

Her reply was simple, yet well rounded

She said;

I think I always love the one that is sick the most 

The Breathitt Advocate 
 Trials and Tribulations Column 
 written by Floyd Jett 
04-05-10 for edition 04-08-10 
Revised for MPDisplay and republished
 © All rights reserved by Author 

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