Vilify not my realm of fate
I’m at the place where all can’t get

Here are love, memories and no fuss
Mountains even don’t stand in front of us

We are the only to see the earth so deep
Take out gold, diamonds & leave nothing to sweep

The country’s development & it’s yardstick of treasure
How high we take the economy up mind can not measure

I wish i could jot down on your brains wall
Without mining no country can rise from its fall

Mining resides in our hearts front section
Your imaginations are our success fraction

From the Mariana’s trench to the Everest Peak
My Lord! help us to uncover what else is left to seek

Down deep in dark our approach end until metals shining

Published 08-16-2012 with permission of Author
Mountain Poets Display
© all rights reserved by Author

About the Author and why he wrote the poem
Shahzad Manzoor Channa is my name,.I am a Pakistani national and my education is in mining. I’ve completed my B.E(mining) in may 2012. People around the world walk on valuable minerals that lie under their feet and these minerals can play vital roles in boosting the economy of their country, but this fact is not yet realized by the authorities nor locals in some countries, Countries which are residing in mineral rich areas and they are not educated with this fact, thus diminishing the scope of mining education in the country. I, with my education in mining took responsibility to educate people in my country about the importance of the mining profession and its need. This is what drove to write  “A MINER’S POEM” 
Mr. Manzoor is also, a member of the Mountain Poets Display family on FaceBook

Inside mine, lost in the June of 1984, the race of life
Four trapped left behind worrying friends, children and wife
Tears washed away hopes to see them back
Could not stand again where they fell on the track
All went in vain those efforts and wishes made
The pain of loosing you could still not fade
For you, every year a day is watched to tribute
On June 20th, whole nation steps ahead & contribute
Should not our wishes and prayers go waste
My Lord! In peace lay their souls to rest

Published 08-16-2012 with permission of Author
Mountain Poets Display
© all rights reserved by Author

Special Thanks to Respected Sir Lewis Bonder from Montreal Canada for updating me about mining through his important emails. He updated me about “Workers Memorial Day” watched each year in Canada on 20th of June following the incident of mine accident that took place in 1984. Thats the respect they pay to all those miner’s who lost their lives while they ran for the bread and butter making the incident of 1984s accident a reason. I’m inspired from this way of respect they pay or they reward in return of the life lost while struggling and i wish it could be watched globally to value and respect those unfortunates who could not survive the aggressive environment of mines. Below is the poem with the title “BURIED HOPES” composed in respect of all miner’s who died in mine accidents and dedicated to the victims of 1984 mine accident.
Mr. Manzoor is also, a member of the Mountain Poets Display family on FaceBook

MPDisplay would like to thank our friend, Roger L. Philpot and his website for helping us with this publication



4 thoughts on “MPDisplay Poem: A MINER’S POEM & BURIED HOPES

  1. We at Mountain Poets Display are happy we can assist you. Mr.Shahzad Manzoor and good luck in your future. Don't forget to join us on FaceBook and help us spread the news about our mission. Thank you, editor MPDisplay

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